Friday, November 13, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round....

Equinox on the Sunset Strip is the place for a true "Hollywood" experience and the gym the stars go to work it out and get their sweat on.

If you are an iphone/ipod user, there is a free app that you can download that will do everything from check you into the club, book a bike for spin class, see a schedule of all the classes that are offered that week as well as chart your own progress and goals.

The best part about the club are the classes......especially spin.

Equinox has an exclusive deal and is the only gym to have the Schwinn Authentic Cycling Performance Bikes. The bikes use a magnetic technology to create consistent resistance that provides a smoother ride and has a computer called MPOWER that measures MPH, Distance, Watts, and Calories burned

If you can get in, you must try "Nick Oram's Friday Funday Spin." It is always packed to capacity and has a waiting list so good luck. The music is great and Nick leads the room to full sweat-equity that leaves the windows and the doors covered in steam. Celebrities seen in that class include Nicole Kidman, Matthew Perry, Jonathan Bennet, Jackie Werner and David Boreanaz. If you love to sweat, love to spin, and love a good's all about Friday 12:00 Spin with Nick.

Nick Oram's 12:00 Friday Funday Spin Class only at Equinox in West Hollywood....we heart you!