I Heart Hollywood because... By Jill Lutz

I heart Hollywood because on Sunday, even though there was a marine layer blocking out the Southern California sun from shining on my morning walk to the beach, I had to burn off last night’s tapas and apple martinis. So, I hit the beach path for a little exercise.

Walking down the Santa Monica Pier toward the ocean, I passed the finish line of a 5K race and recovering runners, brunchers with their mimosas, surfers heading for the waves. Further down along the beach, I took a five minute break to do a few yoga stretche before I turned back home and noticed a very attractive shirtless man and his personal trainer doing crunches next to me. I immediately recognized the trainer from Tuesday morning’s Today Show segment on how to get a celebrity physique. Celebrity trainer? Must be training a celebrity! Oh yeah, that hottie with the six-pack is none other than (Fergie’s husband/dreamy actor) Josh Duhamel. My heart started racing more during that stretching session than on my entire power walk thus far. Catching my breath and smiling to myself about how anything can happen in L.A., I headed back home, kicking up the pace a notch. I really heart Hollywood.
I Heart Hollywood because... By Jill Lutz I Heart Hollywood because...  By Jill Lutz Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on October 23, 2009 Rating: 5

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