Gay Hollywood

Roll out the pink carpet, because this is something that you're not gonna wanna miss...

Out and about tours is pleased to start Hollywood's first and only


The tour, showing a "gayer" side of LA is a really unique approach to viewing the city, while learning LGBT Hollywood history which is so fundamental in the evolution of our beloved city.

The creators of the tour claim riders will learn about places you've never seen and meet people from all walks of life. The tour was crafted with everyone in you don't have to be gay to take it (although I am sure it helps).

And the gays know how to do a tour right...with food and plenty of stops for an alcoholic beverage....and the tour ends right before HAPPY HOUR.

For more information check out their site at

Out and About Tours...we heart you, and we are sure it's gonna be a "GAY 'OL TIME"
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