#IheartHollywood Quote: The Hollywood Greeting

One reason I ❤️ Hollywood is because of everyone's inability to not disappoint. It's true.

Case in point...the Hollywood Greeting.

Next time you meet a complete stranger at a party or an event, at a bar or bar-mitzvah try the following greetings and see what kind of response you get:

1. "Congratulations" I bet no one will answer "For what?" They will simply answer "Thanks"

2. "I'm a big fan of your work, I've seen all your movies." Your answer will be "Really thanks" never "what are you talking about"

3. Instead of shaking a hand, go in for a kiss. You know the kiss on the cheek then then other cheek. But this time as you go to the other cheek, whisper "your so hot." Hollywood people love it and will never slap your face or tell you that was inappropriate. Best done on someone's wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. Extra credit if it's on the same sex and you are not gay.

The Hollywood greeting....another reason I ❤️ Hollywood

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