Inside Lucille Ball's Dressing Room

One of the greatest reason to ❤️ Hollywood is that the entire city is a glimpse into the past. Every street was once a set, and most buildings are recognizable from some film or TV show. This is where that past and present combine.

Case in point, Paramount Studios. (A little known fact is that Paramount studios offers tours of one of the greatest places in all of LA.) Paramount is one of the best studios to visit because it has been used in so many memorable movies and TV shows and is one of the most exciting places to feel Hollywood present and past.

Gary DeVaughn who works at Paramount takes us on a tour of Lucille Ball's actual dressing room at Paramount Studios. This was one of two Lucille Ball dressing rooms at the former Desilu-Gower studios; now part of the Paramount lot in Hollywood. (Originally RKO Studios 1928-1957). The same lot was Desilu-Gower 1957-1967 (Desilu was formed in 1950). This is an interesting and unique video because photos and videos are not usually permitted on the lot and also most people never get to go inside this room since it is usually an office.

Gary, we ❤️ you. Lucy we❤️ you. Paramount we ❤️ you.

Inside Lucille Ball's Dressing Room Inside Lucille Ball's Dressing Room Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on October 26, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. I want to cry watching how beautiful it is. I'm at awe! Wonderful!!!

  2. as a kid, I was on private tour at Desilu Studies (1965) and I have to say that this is nothing like what I remembered. The Room we were in was small... and had several plush (and red if I recall correctly) chairs etc as well as a makeup table/mirror. We also saw actors from the Gomer Pyle Series Nahbors, Frank Sutton and even Ron Howard - he was a year older than I was!.. Sutton, as I recalled had white tennis shows on, and his little toe was poking out of one shoe! Another set had Robert Culp and Bill Cosby shooting Eye Spy! For many years, I had about 20 feet of film from the outtake barrel! Good memories...