Summers Coming....

The rest of the country might be heading into winter but in Hollywood, it's always bathing suit weather...which means it's time to get in shape or time to stay in shape.

Meet super trainer Brendan Johnston, an Ex- Marine, a Boxer, and Clark Kent Look-a-like. Brendan is THE trainer to go to whip you into shape or time to get you into better shape.

Brendan customizes each workout to every clients body and never has the same routine for anyone, whether its for strength and conditioning, circuit training, explosion and power, or to just look good. Brendan has trained Women ages 16-65 and Men from 18-73.

So if you always dreamt about training with Superman, now's your chance. Email him at

Brendan...we heart you.

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  1. Brendan sold dirt weed at Seton Hall.