One For The Dogs

If you heart your pet as much as we heart our must check out D Pet Hotel 1041 N Highland Ave, in Hollywood.

D Pet Hotel located right in the center of Hollywood is pretty much the W -- for the dogs. The luxury resort boasts everything from standard "Bowwow" suites to their uber double suite complete with a queen-size bed and a 42-inch flat-screen TV.

It also boasts other perks for you to heart: three dog parks spanning 6,000 square feet, a state-of-the-art grooming and spa center and chauffeured transportation. The placed is staffed 24/7 and even has a vet on call.

D Pet Hotel we heart you
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  1. I often bring my dog to a pet salon just like this one specifically to kennels Long Island to pamper my pet. What I like about these kind of salons is, they've got all the high-end facilities that will surely pamper my puppy.

  2. What is the brand of their professional dog grooming supplies? I want to buy expensive grooming materials because I want the all the best for my dog.

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