These Might Be the 22 Most L.A. Things Ever Said

It’s well known around the country — even the world — that people in Los Angeles have their own special way. The stereotypes are grounded in some realities: To make a sweeping generalization, Angelenos really are all about kale, hiking, and freeway driving — with firm opinions on their routes. And that can make for some pretty amusing conversation to overhear on Hollywood’s famous Runyon Canyon trail, where full makeup is de rigueur.

All in the name of good fun, Jet Set took a (totally unscientific) poll among our L.A.-based friends: We asked, “What’s the most L.A. thing you’ve ever heard — or said?" And without commentary, we present those gems to you here.....

1 I want to work with you, but I’m not comfortable signing the contract right now because Mercury is in retrograde.

2 I’m so over this 75 and sunny weather. Can't we have seasons other than award season!?

3 I saw (insert celebrity) at Soul Cycle this morning.

4 It will take me 20 minutes to get there without traffic, or 90 minutes with traffic. And there’s always traffic.

5 Do you have hemp milk?

6 Do you wanna go on a quick hike?

7 I would have loved to pursue this relationship, but I don't date east of La Brea.

8 I legit like kale chips better than potato chips.

9 Is that organic, vegan, and gluten free?

10 Sorry, I can't meet at that time. That’s when I’m meeting with my life coach.

11 Super bummed that my pilates studio ran out of the green juice, so I had to get this acai bowl.

12 I shouldn’t be in this hot tub. My spray tan is too fresh.

13 It’s not even supposed to get to 70 today. I’m going to freeze.

14 I’m about three miles away, but it’s rush hour, so I'll see you in like an hour.

15 I’m going to a toddler birthday at Nobu.

16 Mom, hurry up or I’ll miss my audition.

17 Help wanted: Dog chiropractor/acupuncturist.

18 I need a nanny for my nanny.

19 I'm a real estate agent and a life coach. Here's my head shot.

20 I’m driving over the hill — no reception. Call you back.

21 I'm just driving this Uber until my movie comes out.

22 I'll meet you at the gym as soon as I finish my makeup.

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