Live Like A Star: The Kardashians

Have you ever wanted to keep up with the Kardashians—at least in terms of real estate? The enormous Studio City residence that is used as the the on-screan home of Kris Jenner on the reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" is up for grabs.

Now here is the weird part.  Kris and her clan never actually lived in the house, she lives in Hidden Hills, but if you watched the show, you will recognize the house as the home they show that is supposed to be Kris’s house…cause it’s a “reality show”  In addition to its appearances on Keeping up with the Kardashians, the house has been a filming location for shows ranging from American Horror Story to True Blood, according to listing agent Brandon Assanti of Rodeo Realty Beverly Hills.

This 7,843 square foot house has seven-bedrooms, a two-story entryway, multiple chandeliers and ornately carved fireplaces, nine enormous bathrooms, and a screening room.  The last time it was sold, in 2005, it went for $5.225 million and 12 years later it not only comes with a TV resume but with an inflated price tag of $7.895 million, which is kinda a steal since it was just listed for $9million just a few months ago.

The best part of the house is that it is on the path the celebrity-filled hiking trail, Fryman Canyon.  Fryman Canyon, whose entrance is off of Laurel Canyon is a hotspot for celebrity neighbors, and is often called the other “Runyan.”  As you finish the hike, you exit into a neighborhood and pass by “The Kardashian House” that is not actually their house, and George Clooney’s estate, that actually IS his house.  It’s always fun to see the stars on this hike.  

I wonder how many times a day people ring the bell looking for Kyle, Kim, Kendal, Kris, Klohe, Kourtney....and ROB.

The Kardashian house...we ❤️ you.
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