Saved By The Bell Restaurant Coming To LA

Ok, 90's kids.  Calm down.  Here is what we know.  A Saved By the Bell popup restaurant is coming to the Los Angeles area...and in West Hollywood.  Principal Belding made the announcement himself:

The Saved By the Max Cafe will be located at 7100 W Santa Monica Avenue between Formosa and La Brea.

Construction on the restaurant is about to begin and an opening will be announced at a later date. Tickets for the attraction will be available soon.  Diners too will be able to relive their past glories by ordering up a full slate of Bayside High-attached eats. That means Tori’s fried chicken, a Bayside burger, and loads more from the actually fully functional eatery. What’s more, the place is going to be predictably decked out in all sorts of period-specific accouterments, from the neon lighting schemes to the bright, bold artwork and zigzag lines that make the place pop.

I❤️Hollwood has exclusively learned that Tiffani Thiessen WILL NOT be shooting her cooking show from this location.  SAD...but word is Lark Voorhies HAS already applied for a waitress job....and in an ironic twist of fate...Mario Lopez is being forced to cover the opening for EXTRA.

Ya gotta ❤️ Saved By The Bell.

I can already see this place packed with tons of overgrown 90's kids trying to make this place relevant.

Honestly, there is nothing more than being able to go to and experience your favorite TV memory (never understood why the Brady Bunch Set isn't somewhere so people can take pictures), so this makes us super excited.

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