101 Things To Love About Los Angeles

Even if you are NOT from Hollywood, or have lived here forever, there is something EVERYONE can love about Los Angeles.  It's in our movies, our TV shows...our childhood memories.

We here at I  ❤️ love it so much, we started a website about it, and our friends over at Curbed have put together a love letter to the city of Angles.

Some of the things that were NOT on the list:
Sense of entitlement
Constant Contrustion....like EVERYWHERE
The Airport congestion
The Price of Real Estate
The closing of your favorite Classic Restaurant
Being stuck behind tour busses on Mulholland Drive
The price of a cocktail
The feeling of claustrophobia when the Hollywood Bowl lets out
Running out of reasons NOT to go see your "friends' play
The Pizza and the Bagels
The public transportation

What else is on your list?

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