To Live and Die in LA....or just DIE!!!

Just in case your life wasn't sad enough living in the city of Angeles.....LA Magazine came up with a list of the most LA Ways to die.

We came up with 20 more:

1. Trying to leave Scientolgy
2. Trying to get an Uber at the Hollywood Bowl
3. Of embarrassment if you are caught wearing the same outfit as someone else on the red carpet
4. Of insecurity at Equinox in West Hollywood
5. Of food poisoning from one of those sausage and onion carts outside of clubs at 2:30 or at Okie Dog
6. At Cedars Sinai where all all the cool celebrities are born and die.
7. Working on a Reality TV show
8. Being on a Reality TV show
9. Trying to sell a Reality TV show
10. In the parking garage at Hollywood and Highland or the Sherman Oaks Galleria trying to find your car
11. Falling off the roof at Catch
12. From Alcohol poisoning after a night at the Abbey
13. Falling out of a coaster at Six Flags
14. Boredom from sitting through your friends feature for the 25th time
15. Starbucks Rage
16.  Hiking in the hills by yourself, and never being seen again
17.  Being eaten by a coyote while walking in the Hollywood Hills
18.  In a tanning bed
19.  Kale Poisoninng
20.  From walking to a party that didn't provide Valet...or just walking in LA.


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