Another One Bites The Dust: Du-par's Studio City

It seems that Du-par’s Restaurant in Studio City is shutting it’s doors on Dec 31, 2017 after close to 70 years at this famous Ventura Blvd. location.


Du-par's is best known for their legendary pancakes that uses a “secret recipe” that is apparently under lock and key and known by few.  The step-by-step process to craft the pancake batter involves hours and hours of preparation, and the same 1938 recipe is still used today.

The first Du-par's was founded in 1938 at the Los Angeles Farmers Market by James Dunn and Edward Parsons, who combined their surnames to create the restaurant's name.  That location is still there today.

The Original Du-par's at the Farmers Market
Studio City Du-par's
After 20 years of ownership, the Oberst family sold the chain in 2004 to an investor group led by W.W. "Biff" Naylor, the son of noted California restaurateur Tiny Naylor for an undisclosed amount. At the time of the sale, there were three locations, the original location at the Farmers Market, Studio City, and Thousand Oaks.  After 31 years, the Du-par's location in Thousand Oaks was closed and replaced by a shopping center

You might know the Studio City Du-par’s from "Boogie Nights." It's where Jack lays out his grandiose art-porn vision.  According to production designer Bob Ziembicki, the Studio City location didn’t require much set design, and that was lucky given that they only allowed ONE night to shoot there. “Because it's very period-looking, it was pretty much a walk-in location,” Ziembicki says of the restaurant, which was also featured in Martha Coolidge’s 1983 teen flick Valley Girl.

Du-par's from Boogie Nights
Outside Du-par's from Valley Girl
Inside Sudio City, Du-par's restaurant in Valley Girl
Rumor has it, is that Du-par's is looking for another location down the street. So maybe this is NOT the end.  

Also rumored is that a Sephora is moving into the Du-par's location.  We will see.....

Du-par's Studio City....we ❤️you.  

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