The Museum of Failure

As if life wasn't depressing enough these LA has a museum about FAILURES, celebrating the joys of failing...Woo hoo....and it's called:  The Museum of Failure 

The Museum Of Failure exibit....which began earlier this year in Sweden, lets people discover the stories behind 100-plus examples of major flops.

According to the website: The Museum of Failure is a collection of interesting innovation failures. The majority of all innovation projects fail and the museum showcases these failures to provide visitors fascinating learning experience. Some examples of the items on display:

• Apple Newton
• Bic for Her
• Google Glass
• Nokia N-gage
• Orbitoclast Lobotomy (medical instrument)
• Harley-Davidson Perfume
• Kodak Digital Camera
• Sony Betamax
• Lego Fiber Optics

Hey kids....if you work really really hard and invent something really really cool...and it FAILS...maybe it will end up in a museum someday.  #LifeLesson

Sometimes life gives you a wake-up call and it's how fast you get up, not how hard you fall!!!

Each failure at the museum was at one time unveiled with great hope for success...but each one sank faster than the Titanic. At this pop-up museum, you will learn about all of these, along with dozens of other products.  Just know that although the museum focuses on the idea of failure, it's actually anchored by a very positive ideology.

"I really hope visitors will walk away with the message that you have to accept failure if you want any progress," said the curator. "It's the idea that maybe failure isn't such a dangerous idea. It's really only money and hopefully, this exhibit encourages more companies and people to take meaningful risks while embracing the necessity of failure." 

The Museum of Failure is located at 900 E. 4th Street in Downtown’s Arts District and is open most days, except Mondays and Tuesdays until Feb 4, 2018.  General admission tickets are $15.   

Remember:  Happiness keeps You, Sweet, Trials keep You Strong, Sorrows keep You, Human, Failures keep You Humble, and Success keeps You's all for a reason!!!

Failures....we ❤️ you!!!!
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