The Bachelor Wines

Need a wine to watch your favorite TV show?  Try the one that's made FROM your favorite TV show...introducing The Bachelor and Bachelorette WINES.

The new wines, from two award-winning vintners, are PERFECT for sipping, guzzling, or in-between shots, while your favorite singles are fumbling their way toward everlasting love (or at least till their contract expires).  There are three different wines to choose from:
Fantasy Suite is a fruity Cabernet Sauvignon

One on One is a refreshing Chardonnay
...and the Final Rosé is a crisp blush blend

At $16.96 bucks a bottle...someone say cheers to love.  Order HERE

...and always remember...the drunker you are, the better the reality...TV.

Bachelor Wines...we❤️ you!!!

The Bachelor Wines The Bachelor Wines Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on January 29, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. I prefer good dry wines. And red of course. I can't get how people drink anything else

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