Always Be Camera Ready


Remember in the movie Clueless where Cher had her entire wardrobe digitized and stored on her MAC...and if an outfit was horrible it would yell "Mis-Match"  #TouchScreen

Clueless Movie GIF that fantasy is a reality with The Echo Look:

The Echo Look, takes photos of your #OOTD and keeps a log of everything you wear.  All done of course, by just your voice.  The Look has built-in lighting and a field of depth camera that blurs the background, making sure your outfits POP.

Can't decide what to wear today?  The Style Check feature will tell you which pieces are most becoming and over time will learn your preferences and prompt you to buy what you are missing.  Sounds like fashion stylists are being replaced by the machines.

We can't think of anything that is more needed and more Hollywood than this...and that is why we ❤️it.

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  1. Yes, but there is a very nice option I used in 2015. I took my own youtube videos and made a .gif out of it. Now I use Mac and I am afraid that my old knowledge won't help.

  2. Right. In 2022 IT industry has become much more progressive as compared to previous years. So is what will help you to make a beautiful gif out of the clips that you mentioned. But tell me, what are they for? I know that Twitter celebrities like them very much. Are you one of them, by any chance?

  3. Hi, it seems to be a really nice app. I wanna have something similar developed. Do you know if it is better to make it for android or iOS? I am not that savvy, sorry.

  4. You must run a customer survey if you want a precise information on what is better. In fact, there is no such thing about what is better. You can read this article and see the comparison for development of both. As for you, I could listen to your customers, what they prefer.

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