Sex And The City AINT happening...sorry you cosmo sucking Manolo wearing foursomes...let me ain’t happening with Kim Cattrall.

So since you love Hollywood as much as I, of course you heard that Kim Cattrall turned down the only role that really anyone knows her from, (unless you count "Mannequin"...and you know what...I don't!) as Samantha in the SATC 3 movie...and of course you heard that Sarah Jessica Parker was PISSED.

Well...what you might have missed, unless you are obsessed with how these two are airing it out publicly like that SJP has been going on talk shows to discuss.  She kinda has been throwing major shade..which we LOVE.

I am also assuming that by now you have also heard the news that Kim Cattrall had a brother that went missing, then was found dead...and that I am sure you are aware of what SJP said about it on EXTRA:

“I can’t begin to know how her family is managing such a loss. We all send her our love and condolences and grant her the privacy that she’s asked for.”  

and Kim Cattrell then replied to that comment with an insta quote:

Colleagues?   OK.  But then...Sarah Jessica went on Watch What Happens Live with her best pal Andy Cohen, and had a few drinks and said a few words about recasting Kim's part....and next thing you know...KIM fires BACK:

I mean...we haven't seen this kind of behavior in two ladies since Krystal and Alexis (Yes a Dynasty reference).  I mean you could say that without Sex And The City turning into Desperate Housewives...which turned into the Real Housewives of OC then it's spin-off The Real Housewives Of NYC..which created a real version of Sex And The City...none of this would ever have happened.  I think??

Who's team are you on?  Can't wait to see this all plays out.

Hollywood feuds...we ❤️you!!!
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