Roseanne: Behind The Scenes

"Roseanne" is back tonight after a 21-year "hiatus" and I thought it would be fun to revisit my behind the scenes video I took during a set visit in Season 9.

I had the honor of seeing "Roseanne" tape live many many times and I loved hanging around CBS Radford, the lot that "Roseanne" taped on.  By the time I was there in the 90's, the piece of land at the northwestern edge of the lot, where the lagoon scenes were filmed for "Gilligan’s Island" was already paved over to make room for a new parking structure.  I wish I got to see that.  Other shows like "Grace Under Fire" "3rd Rock from the Sun" and "Cybill"  were shooting there.  I used to sneak into the "Seinfeld" set all the time and watch those guys in rehearsal.  I wish I had pics. Ironically, a script I saved from "Roseanne" is entitled "Roseanne-Feld."

Later on, "Will & Grace" shot at CBS Radford, as well as many other the Big Brother house is there.

"Roseanne" was always my favorite set to hang out on as it was the same stage that they shot "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and I loved walking around imagining Mary and Rhoda walking the same steps.

I used to watch Roseanne get crazy with her co-workers, and I would always try to stay out of her glance, but one time she did look at me while we were walking around outside, and she turned to her co-worker and kinda yelled..."Hey, that's that kid who is always on my set...what the hell does he do?"  I thought that was funny.  Roseanne didn't remember that I had interviewed with her a few years prior, at her production company that she ran with her then-husband Tom Arnold and that girl who was their "wife" Kim Silva. Remember that mess?

From just hanging out on the set, I actually became friends with actor Glenn Quinn who played Mark Healy, and we used to meet for drinks from time to time.  I used to see Johnny Galecki all the time at Equinox on Sunset Blvd before he got "Big Bang" when he was just a guy who used to be on one of my favorite shows.  We would head nod.  I miss Glenn, he was fun to get drunk with.

One time a friend of mine brought me to Sara Gilbert's house who lived behind the Chateau Marmont in the early 2000's, before she was out, and before she was on "The Talk" which also shoots at CBS Radford. We sat on her bed, and she asked me very specific fan questions about a reality show I produced, "Married By America."  She lived there with her then-wife, and it was all a big secret back then. She is a really great person.

Back in the 90's, before social media, you just didn't take pictures on sets or take pictures with celebrities let alone bring a video camera (long before the days of camera phones), so these pics and videos are pretty special.

This time I was on set to do an interview with Estelle Parsons.  By season 9 everyone was OVER the series, and Estelle couldn't believe I was such a fan.  She was gossiping about everyone on set which was pretty funny.  She is a very kind woman, and she introduced me to Roseanne as "that kid she was telling her about that was obsessed with her show."  Estelle's manager at that time was also a producer of "Rent" which was THE new show in NYC.  He gave me fifth-row center seats, and I took my mom.

So here it is. Some behind the scenes footage of the "Roseanne" Set, from 1997.

I am glad "Roseanne" is back. I can't wait to see my pals The Conners again...and to laugh.

"Roseanne"...always and forever, I  ❤️you!!!
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