Visit Ebbing, Missouri from Three Billboards

Hey there movie lovers.  Want to go visit the three billboards in Ebbing, Missouri?  Well you can't...cause Ebbing, Missouri is not a real is FAKE. Sorry to disapoint.

Sylva’s main street
But, if you want to explore the real town where director Martin McDonagh filmed his Golden Globe-winning, Oscar-nominated dark comedy then you can make your way to North Carolina to the small town of Sylva.

The town of Sylva

The town of Sylva,  hoping to benefit from Three Billboard's success, created the Explore Authentic Locations From Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, offering vistiors three days’ worth of sightseeing opportunities.  How cool is THAT?

Fillming Three Billboards at the fake police station

The tour include Sylva’s main street, its Sassy Frass store, which was converted into Ebbing’s police station for the production, and Jackson’s General Store, the upper storey of which was a big part of the film and hopefully NO racist cops. The travel planner also has shopping, accommodation, and food and drink suggestions.

From Three Billboards
That area is no stranger to filming, such movies as “The Fugitive,” “Dirty Dancing” and “The Hunger Games” were all shot around there. Is this turing into Hollywood of the East.  Sylva, North Carolina (population: 2,644), the town that was transformed into Ebbing, Missouris for the movie, is just less than an hour’s drive south of Asheville, North Caroline.  Ashiville you may have heard of as it is  home to the great Biltomore Estate.

The Biltmore Estate
The Biltmore Estate, the largest privatly owned mansion where such movies as "Richie Rich" "Forrest Gump" and "Being There" to name a few.  It's an incredible way to spend the day, and is open to tour.

Fake Ebbing, and North Carolina....we ❤️you!!!
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