Bluth For Family Of The Year

If you are in love with "Arrested Development" as much as we are, you are gonna ❤️ this.

The Bluths are BACK and they are running for "family of the year."

Not only has Netflix just re-released a remixed and re-edited season 4 (it plays more like the first 3 original seasons) but season 5 is dropping May 29.  We can't wait.

Now, if you are looking to bump up your Arrested Development obsessiveness, you have to check out the Stair Cars journey across the United States, which hits California this week.  And for the Never Nudes in your life, they are also gathering across the country and coming to a city near you.

From the Source:

We're not just the Family of the Year in the O.C. We're the Family of the Year EVERYWHERE and we're coming to a city near you. Or far from you. It depends on how major that city is, really.

Be on the lookout for the Men in Blue in the cities below to join our Never Nude Meetup! Or if cars are more your thing, check out the Bluth Company Stair Car — just watch out for bridges and hop-ons.

Follow our events and come show your support, and check out our Event Recaps to see photos from when we came to your city!

Los Angeles, CA
5/17 - Stair Car Tour
12 PM - 2 PM:
Ben & Jerry's Burbank
164 E. Palm Ave

4 PM - 7:30 PM:
Venice Beach Boardwalk
Windward Plaza

5/19 - Never Nude Meetup
4:15 PM - 4:45 PM:
Venice Beach Boardwalk
Muscle Beach

San Francisco, CA
5/20 - Never Nude Meetup
11 AM - 12 PM:
Bay to Breakers Finish Line Festival
Beach Chalet at 1000 Great Hwy

1:30 PM - 2 PM:
Fisherman's Wharf

Seattle, WA
5/20 - Stair Car Tour
9 AM - 3 PM:
Seattle Center International Fountain
305 Harrison St

4 PM - 6:30 PM:
Westlake Park

Pine St & 4th Ave

Of course, Family Of The Year is a non-existent thing, so I am positive the Bluth's will win but know that they are terrible people.  If you don't believe me, watch this video. What a great promotion to visit and take a pic with one of the funniest families ever to be on TV.

As a "never nude" myself, I am totally voting for the Bluths for Family Of The Year.  "Arrested Development," we ❤️ya.

Paid for by the Bluth Campaign Committee

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