Do You Like Scary Movies?

The movie SCREAM just got real.  Nate Ragon a movie memorabilia collector and a huge SCREAM fan, and Anthony Masi,  a horror movie producer and event planner have put together a once-in-a-lifetime SCREAM party and screening of the iconic horror movie at the actual house where its classic ending took place.

This October, Woodsboro, the fictional town in the "Scream" movies (actually Santa Rosa, CA) will be host to a “Scream Comes Home” party for the ULTIMATE "Scream" fans.  This two-day event includes a bus tour of the film's locations and an overnight sleepover in the actual house where the movie was filmed, complete with a screening of the iconic film, plus lots of surprises that will make, SCREAM.

Tickets for the event are selling now and start at $200 for a screening and other surprises and overnight at $850 which includes food and alcohol and a bus tour of other filming sites, including:
  • Sidney’s House
  • Casey Becker's House
  • Woodsboro High School
  • Woodsboro Town Square
  • Woodsboro Police Station
  • Tatum's House 
  • Video Store
  • Grocery Store

According to the promoters:

As the saying goes... "It's all about location, location, location," and this house is going to be THE party location to attend on Halloween weekend!

The movie, SCREAM, was filmed in Santa Rosa, California, and the last act of the movie was filmed in a single location... a large house in Tomales, a little town adjacent to Santa Rosa. This house was known as "Stu's house" in the script, and the screenplay referred to the lengthy showdown ending as SCENE 118. When the filmmakers finished filming it, they had T-shirts made up that said, "I Survived Scene 118".

Our goal is to not only survive it but to party there with SCREAM fans from around the world, so our T-shirts are going to say, "I Partied At Scene 118!"

If you are a SCREAM fan, you should be screaming your head off right about now.

To be able to be inside the actual locations of your favorite movies, with OTHER fans of the movie is something truly magical.

This event is a SCREAM ...and that is why we ❤️it.  Check out their website for info, and join the party.

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