For The Love Of Barb

ATTENTION all Doll Collectors, and ATTENTION all "Stranger Things" fans.  Stranger Things: Barb Action Figure is coming exclusivly to GameStop.

GO BARB.  You may not have made it past season one, but you HAVE made it into the world of pop culture. Now your "fans" can join you in the Upside Down with this exclusive GameStop limited edition 7″ Barb figure.

According to the site:
Spectacular likeness of Barbara Holland sculpted from images of actress Shannon Purser
Figure comes with retro Trapper Keeper
Figure is featured in iconic 80’s blouse and blue jeans in the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things
Designed with 12+ points of articulation for dynamic posing
Figure features a stylized Stranger Things branded disk display base and is showcased in retro themed packaging
GameStop lists a November 11 release date for the figure.

Right now it is available for for Pre-Order, so sign up before they are all GONE.

Barb, and "Stranger Things,"  we ❤️you.
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