The Gilligan's Island Restaurant

Just sit right back and I'll tell the tale, the tale of a working man, who starred on an island show in Sherwood/Schwartz land.  His name was Alan Hale I know, but maybe if you were hipper, you would realize and you would know that I am talking about "The Skipper."

Back in the day, "The Skipper," Alan Hale from the TV series, "Gilligan’s Island" owned a seafood restaurant called  The Lobster Barrel at 826 N. La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles. Yup, a seafood restaurant.  You can't make this stuff up.  I wonder if they sold Mary Ann's famous coconut cream pies?

Apparently, if Alan's acting work wasn't keeping him away, he was always there to greet people, show them to their table and pose for snapshots. Folks said time after time that Alan had always shown extreme good will which made their experience much more memorable.

You can see the inside of the restaurant in this YouTube video.

Someone also told me that at each place setting, there was a large color postcard bearing a portrait of the Skipper. If you looked at all like a first-timer, he would seat you and then without being asked, autograph the postcard to you. He also sold (or sometimes gave away) skipper hats like the one he was always wearing...and YES, he called everyone “Little Buddy”

In 1982, Alan Hale no longer participated in active ownership of the restaurant, but it continued on as Alan Hale's Lobster Barrel until it closed its doors in 1990 after fifteen years in business.  Next, he opened Alan Hale's Quality and Leisure Travel Office, where he helped travelers book sightseeing cruises. which he ran until his death in 1990.  Hmm, not sure I would book a tour from the guy who sunk the Minnow...but maybe?  Now that I think of it...why didn't the minnow have a Captain?  Isn't a Skipper below a Captain? Maybe if they had a more seasoned person at the helm, the ship never would have been wrecked.  You would have thought that all the castaways would have been FURIOUS with the "Skipper."  Did any of them sue after they got rescued?  Hmmm.....

About the time the Lobster Barrel closed, Sonny Bono opened a trattoria just around the corner. Celebrity restaurants were the thing to do in the 80's...and 90's...and even today.

I wish I got to eat fish and chips with The Skipper. If he never had MaryAnn and Ginger as waitresses and or Gilligan as the cook...and The Professor as the bartender...I say MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

Click HERE to take a look at a classic Celebrity Family Feud.  AT 2:17 Dawson gives a shout out to the Lobster Barrel.

The Lobster Barrel and old Hollywood restaurants...I ❤️you!!!!

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