All In With Teddi Mellencamp

Teddi Mellencamp is all about accountability, and she wants to be accountable for you too.

You know Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave as a "Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills," but it is her job as a professional accountability coach that makes us Hollywood folks obsessed, right?   Where else in the world would people pay top dollar to have someone like Teddi make us accountable for all the food we put in their mouths. It's like paying your mom a lot of money to guilt you all over again for the things we eat. #Brilliantidea

"When we aren’t feeling our best, we can’t perform at our best so this process makes us all very vulnerable and susceptible to change. As the change occurs and I see the difference in my client's moods and confidence, that is where the magic happens. I love every second of it!'"

Teddi guides her clients to become the best, healthiest versions of themselves, and the fact that she is not a personal trainer, a personal chef, or a dietitian makes what she does for a living all the more interesting, but hey...this is Hollywood, so why not.  Sign me up.

Teddi says her accountability coaching isn't a "diet", but it's a "lifestyle change"...and people are eating it up.  The number of clients who have signed up has doubled just in just the last few months, and Teddi wants MORE.

"Before I accept anyone, I let them know the ground rules. I start with a two-week jump start, and during that time I say: if you aren't able to submit a text with proof of the following things (and sorry, I can't tell you exactly what they are!), you’ll be removed from the program and not be refunded. Nobody wants to throw money away, especially over something they wanted to do in the first place. That's really motivating. And then the difference between me and a personal trainer is, a trainer doesn't know what you're doing the other 23 hours of a day. But with my clients, they’re sending me proof, they're talking me through their schedule. We do a picture day one, at two weeks, at six weeks. They're seeing the progress. That’s what the program is."

This program is a must for ANYONE who wants to be accounted for, so click HERE to join and can be the best can be...just don't show up LATE.

We are ALL IN Teddi...and that is why we ❤️ you!!!
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