Cheat Day Land

In another addition of weird Hollywood museums...there is a now a museum here in Los Angeles called Cheat Day Land.

Yep...only in Hollywood, Cheat Day Land, a museum and interactive exhibit experiences for so-called healthy eaters to take a day off and taking pictures with foods they will never ever eat. Can't make this up people.

There are twelve cheat meal-themed rooms like the donut gym with pastry dumbbells, the area to swim in a massive cereal bowl, or the place to climb on top of food.  Now if that wasn't enough (and how could it be) there is also an area to try on a hamburger who wouldn't want to do THAT.

Don't go home empty-handed.  Stop by the cheater merchandise store and leave the museum with new shoes, or hats that have the “Cheater” logo. it.  Yes, folks, this museum is giving something MORE for millennials to inspire to.

But hey, this is a museum, a place of learning, so there is an area dedicated to teaching people how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including ideas for snacks and guilt-free cheat foods...because although its OK to take a pic with a donut, anyone who lives in Hollywood knows it's not ok to eat one.

Cheat Day Land is located at E 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA

UPDATE:  Cheat Day Land is extending through February 15, 2019. 

The $38 Tickets are available...HERE and yes you DESERVE IT. Just think about all the cardio you won't HAVE to do. a city that literally fears gluten, we can't think of anything MORE Hollywood than that is why we ❤️it.

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