Hollywood Party Scene: Early 90's

Andrew Scott, Tony Ward, and Christina Applegate
Ah, Hollywood nightlife in the 90's.  The times where everyone knew everyone, the celebrities played in a pre selfie world, and the parties lasted all night.  I was very fortunate to have had a lot of famous friends who loved to go out.  The only thing you had to worry about back then, were the paparazzi shooting you walking to your car and seeing those videos or pics on "Hard Copy."  This is 20 years before "TMZ."

Shannon Doherty ordering dinner at Union on Sunset Blvd, 1994
I came across a video on Youtube that I totally forgot about that I actually helped produce about 90's nightlife here in Hollywood.  It's edited pretty sensationally yet compared to today, those times were much more mellow...but it is always fun to look back.  Take a look:

I will NEVER forget Shannon Doherty's birthday party at the Tough Club...oh boy.  The Hollywood insider, Justin Davis was my best friend at the time.  He has since passed on, and as I drive around the same streets 25 years later, I often wonder if Justin would even recognize Hollywood today.

Christina Applegate and Justin Davis at Union (the former Sunset Social Club) on the Sunset Strip 1994

Justin Davis and Andrew Scott

Super fun times, and great nights...Hollywood of the 90's...we ❤️ya.

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