Hollywood Puppet Show

Have you seen this crazy show about Hollywood Celebrities called "Hollywood Puppet Show?"

Host Wilmer Valderrama welcome different stars like Joe Jonas, "Jane The Virgins" Gina Rodriguez, or Lil Jon and Amber Rose, each episode to share one of their wildest untold Hollywood stories.

Whether it's a backstage fiasco or a crazy house party, the stars are dishing the dirt...but here is the clincher...they are all reenacted by lifelike marionettes.  Replacing actors with puppets...SMART.

Wilmer Valderrama hosts and co-executive produces this comedy series, which welcomes celebrities to describe their untold wildest adventures. Sounds embarrassing, right? Well, tempering any trepidation is that while celebs tell the stories, their appearance is in the form of lifelike marionette puppets re-enacting each tale. 

If you ❤️Hollywood, this is one to watch. Season 2 starts Tues, July 17 at 7:30 PST on Fuse.

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