Where Janis Joplin Died

In the summer of 1966, Janis Joplin was a drifter; four years later, she was a rock-and-roll legend.

In the Fall of 1970, Janis Joplin was in Los Angeles putting the finishing touches on the album that would prove to be the biggest hit of her career, Pearl, but on October 4, 1970, in room #105 of the Landmark Motor Hotel, she accidentally overdosed on heroin and died at the age of 27.   She did not live to see the album’s release.

Today the hotel still stands, although now it is called the Highland Gardens Hotel, and you can stay in the same hotel room (just a few blocks from Hollywood Blvd and the Chinese Theater) where Joplin lived for the last few months of her life and died.

It's hard to believe that the room in which Joplin spent the final hours of her life is still a rentable hotel room, although it's usually booked October 3-4, but it is...and her fans seem to know it.

The closet contains a small brass plaque, commemorating Joplin’s life, and the walls are heavily decorated with fan art and notes, creating a small shrine to the late singer.

Janis died in THIS corner
Maybe it is a room to bring your own Bobby McGee, or maybe just a place to bring another little piece of your heart, but whatever it is we are glad it is still here...and we ❤️that.

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  1. How I would love to spend a night in that room.
    I would sit down on the floor in that corner the whole night and just talk to Janis.
    Janis I love you. God bless your soul. R.I.P. Janis Joplin. That's it. x