Black Rabbit Rose

Do you believe in magic?  Looking for something different than the Magic Castle?  Check out Black Rabbit Rose...where amazement awaits.

Black Rabbit Rose is a swanky multi-space venue boasting a theater for magic and variety acts, plus a bar featuring craft cocktails and Thai-Chinese small plates.

This retro-style cabaret show sets out to impress with an array of burlesque and specialty performers, while the world's finest close-up illusionists dazzle you with their magical talent. VIP admission grants you front-row seating at this intimate Hollywood nightspot.

According to the site:

IN THE SHADOWS OF THIS HIDDEN, ORNATE THEATRE A MAGICAL WORLD IS CONJURED where guests are immersed in an experience orchestrated to amuse and beguile. Throughout Black Rabbit Rose, guests can revel in Houston brothers signature brand of allure and spectacle.

Ticketed shows run Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays featuring a rotating roster of magicians and illusionists, burlesque dancers, and more. Cocktails are crafted to satisfy and amuse.

Unique places like this really make this town special...and that is why we ❤️it.

Black Rabbit Rose Black Rabbit Rose Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on August 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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