"Dynasty" Is Back In Fashion

New "Dynasty" fans rejoice, some of Nicollette Sheridan's clothes made specifically for her "Alexis" character are now on display.

If you are here in Los Angeles, take a stroll down Robertson Blvd, to the Mark Zunino Atelier (which is conveniently located on the same block as the location that was used for The Townsand Detective Agency on "Charles Angeles") for a little window shopping.

Right there in plain view, you will see three of the iconic outfits, specifically designed for "Alexis" by Mark Zunino, that were worn by Sheridan on the CW's "Dynasty" redo.

No, you can't go inside, private appointments only, but if you did, you would be in "Dynasty" heaven.

Mark Zunino, who got his start working exclusively with Nolan Miller in his couturier also designed, under Nolan, many of the iconic "Dynasty" gowns especially worn by Joan Collins and Linda Evans in the original series.

Nolan Miller, of course, was famously the costume designer during the original 9 seasons of "Dynasty" on ABC.

ABC Classic vs CW Redo 
The CW's "Dynasty" is littered with Easter eggs of the original show, so it's no surprise the new costume designers wanted their Alexis to have a taste of the original.  

Mark Zunino's "Dynasty" story has indeed come full circle having designed wardrobe pieces for both the Aaron Spelling original and today’s version on the CW.

Of course, this isn't the only place to spot famous frocks in this town, RuPaul has been doing it for years, showcasing a season worth of gowns, street-side for the whole world to enjoy.

Clothes have always been as important to a tv character as the actor and the writers, so it's good to see them getting the star treatment they deserve.

So take a walk around town and keep your eyes open, you never know when you are gonna spot a "star" even if it's couture...and that is another reason to ❤️Hollywood.

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