101 Things To Love About Los Angeles

Curbed LA, recently published a love letter to LA with 101 things to love about Los Angeles.


We here at #IheartHollywood write about what we ❤️everyday.  To us "Hollywood" is the world of entertainment, which sometimes, a lot of times, includes the city of Los Angeles, but most times extends past the city of angels.

One thing we ❤️ is seeing what other people love about "Hollywood" and it's great to see so many things on Curbed's list that we have written about in the past.  We had to share.

Click HERE to read the article.

As #90 states...LA is the city of dreamers...we ❤️that.  What is your favorite?

Thanks Curbed for the great article, and to all of you reading this...thanks.  Keep reading #IheartHollywood...a new reason to ❤️ Hollywood EVERYDAY....and telling your friends about us.

We ❤️ you too.
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