"The Golden Girls" Live On

"The Golden Girls" went off the air 25 years ago, but recently "Golden Girls" themed merchandise, like t-shirts, cookbooks, dolls and games won't let this show ever be forgotten.

Ya might think with all "The Golden Girls" stuff you can now purchase that the TV sitcom about four "adult" women living out their golden years together in Miami might be more popular now than when it originally aired in the 80's-early 90's...and you might not be wrong.

Have you noticed that "Golden Girls" merchandise is EVERYWHERE.  Like....EVERYWHERE. Even big retailers like Target have their own "Golden Girls" merchandise.

There are posable dolls that we told you about HERE
And the Funko "Golden Girls" figurines you can buy HERE.

There have also been "Golden Girls"-themed a Clue board game where players try to figure out who ate the last piece of cheesecake...

...and a Monopoly game:

There is GG trivia:

and a "Golden Girls" dollhouse:

In the clothing department, we have seen "Golden Girls" granny panties:

And lots of different  T-Shirts

There are even hand-painted "The Golden Girls" Russian nesting dolls:

Tons of different GG drinking Glasses...

...and lots and lots of books:

There is even a "The Golden Girls" Chia Pet:

There was even an attempt to make a "Golden Girls " LEGO playset...

And now there is a limited-edition blueberry-flavored multigrain cereal. It even comes with a toy inside of the box: a Funko figurine of one of "The Golden Girls."

The cereal has been released as a special promotion through Target retail stores with boxes selling in both the cereal and toy aisles, but you can also snag yourself a box through ToyWiz and Mercari.

Out of all the merchandising opportunities, I am sooooo surprised that nobody has done a line of "Golden Girls" Cheesecakes.  Right?  I say...MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

Unfortunatly Rue La Rue Cafe, "The Golden Girls" cafe in NYC has already closed...I always wanted to go there.

I am so happy that these old gals are still so beloved this many years later.  "The Golden Girls"...thank you for being a friend.  We ❤️you!!!

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