This Is (NOT) L.A.

You must check out this new book, "This Is (Not) L.A." by Jen Bilik

"This Is (Not) L.A." by Jen Bilik is an insider's take on the real Los Angeles: Debunking the clichés, crushing the haters, and generally making you wish you lived here (or happier that you already do). So yea..I guess they hit EVERYONE.  It's the perfect book for ANYONE who ❤️'s Hollywood.

What is your biggest misconception about LA?  Shallow people?  Has lousy food?  Nobody walks here? Well, this book tackles those misconceptions that surround the City of Angels, countering with expert facts on L.A. and its rich history.

The book also focuses on Los Angeles architectural innovations, lesser-known civil rights heroes, what insiders know about the city, and much more.  And if that wasn't enough its foreword is by the late great Pulitzer prize–winning Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold, and is endorsed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti!

This book is so great that recently it was a highlight of one of our favorite shows Eye On LA, which you can view HERE.

So go get this book, study the city, because you will be tested (meta).  Thanks guys for writing this...we ❤️  it.  
This Is (NOT) L.A. This Is (NOT) L.A. Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on October 05, 2018 Rating: 5

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