Is "The Office" Getting A Reboot?

Is The Office getting a reboot?  If you watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend, you might think so.

During his opening monologue, host Steve Carell sure led us to believe it might already be in the works.

One after one, audience members made up by some of the original The Office cast stood up to ask Carell when he'd bring Michael Scott back to the small screen, and he "suggested" that this was not going to happen, saying a reboot would be a terrible idea because he didn't "think that would be as good this time around."

But it was the way the monologue ENDED (check the 4:25 mark) that let us seem that it is indeed in the works.  In fact, the entire thing felt like a publicity stunt to generate buzz...and it worked. Would you like to see The Office rebooted?

We would so love it, but only if it is good that is. Anyway, we ❤️ a good tease and that is why we ❤️ this.  📺
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