Party Party Party...Instagram

Come join the party at Partywith, the party you've been waiting for.

Partywith is another "Hollywood" museum that was created for social media. This one features over 15 different themed areas for you to enjoy and take pics in to post.

According to their site:

Partywith isn’t just an interactive dream space. It’s an immersive experience of scroll-stopping fun featuring 15 hypnotic, Instagram-ready installations. Come celebrate self-expression, let your imagination run free and transform into the star you were meant to be.

Rooms include an infinity rainbow, neon signage, a giant eight-foot eggplant, and more dreamscape installations.

Guests are provided a free Polaroid camera (on a first come, first serve basis) but you have to for film.   Hmmm?? Do Millenials know what film is?

For tickets and more info, click HERE.

You know us, any excuse to party in an LA spot created specifically just to take pics...we are so there.

Partywith, you are SOOO LA...and that is why we ❤️ya.

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