Rock Hudson And Doris Day

If you say Rock Hudson, the next thing people inevitably say is Doris Day. They are synonymous with each other, and in the new biography of Rock Hudson...All That Heaven Allows, Doris Day has a lot to say about it.

All That Heaven Allows, A Biography of Rock Hudson is a brand new book that sheds light on the romance of Doris Day and Rock Hudson.  

Author Mark Griffin reached out to Doris Day when he was researching his new book and the 96-year-old screen legend sang the praises of her frequent leading man and longtime close friend.  

"Between scenes, we'd walk and talk and laugh, and I guess our comedic timing grew out of our friendship and how naturally funny we were together," Doris says.

Drawing on more than 100 interviews with co-stars, family members and former companions, All That Heaven Allows finally delivers a complete and nuanced portrait of one of the most fascinating stars in cinema history.

"I honestly don't think I taught him anything he didn't already know after all his years in the business." 

As a result of his gay relationships and clandestine affairs, Hudson was continually threatened with public exposure, not only by scandal sheets like Confidential but by a number of his own partners. For years, Hudson dodged questions concerning his private life, but in 1985 the public learned that the actor was battling AIDS. The disclosure that such a revered public figure had contracted the illness focused worldwide attention on the epidemic.

The definitive biography of this deeply complex and widely misunderstood matinee idol of Hollywood’s Golden Age answers all those questions that Day has been asked about for years.  

Don't worry if you don't read anything but scripts, the book is already being turned into a major motion picture.  We can't wait.  

All That Heaven Allows, A Biography of Rock Hudson, we ❤️you.  
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