The Museum Of Mexican Food

Get ready Los Angeles, because in 2019 a new museum is opening up, and it's all about Mexican Food.

If you ❤️ Mexican food as much as I do, you are gonna LOVE this.  The Downtown Los Angeles-based cultural center El Pueblo Historical Monument is opening a new Mexican food-themed museum in early 2019. entire MUSEUM for the love of Mexican FOOD.  Not only will LA Plaza Cocina be Los Angeles first museum and teaching kitchen dedicated just to Mexican cuisine, but it will also be the first in the COUNTRY.

“Los Angeles is the Mexican food capital of the country, and it deserves a place that celebrates the history and culture that we have with Mexican food,” says John Echeveste, chief executive of LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. “It’s important, not only to Latino families but anyone who eats.”

The museum will include exhibition space, a state-of-the-art test kitchen, retail space, and naturally, a restaurant that sells Mexican food.

Programs at the museum will also include an annual chef-in-residence, a shop that offers hard-to-find Mexican foods, books, and cooking utensils, along with meeting and conference space available for rent. The Mexican Eataly??

The new museum will be conveniently located as part of LA Plaza Village, just across from the wonderful Olvera Street.  Perfect.

A one-of-a-kind museum, that celebrates our SECOND favorite thing...Mexican Food.  Only in Hollywood...and that is why we ❤️it.

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