The Breakup Bar...Only In Hollywood

Only in a city that doesn't believe that love should last longer than a sit-com career...comes The BreakUp Bar.

The BreakUp Bar is a pop-up broken hearts anti-Valentines Day saloon where you can drink your relationship status out of existence while watching classic breakup movies of past and present play on a 10-foot projection screen.

Don't let those flower and candy companies tell you how to celebrate Valentine's Day! Come to The BreakUp Bar!

The invite:

Join us for an anti-Valentine's Day champagne celebration as we take over the neighboring space next to Severance Wine Bar on Melrose in Los Angeles! 

Check out our 8 foot wall of broken relationships, a mini art exhibit of relics of Valentine's Day past, and a 10 foot projection screen showing classic breakup movies of past and present. 

Menu will feature an enhanced menu of champagne, punches, and wine-based cocktails along with a heavy amount of cakes, dessert fondues, cookie towers, and pretty much every sweet imaginable. 

Reserved tickets are $20 per person and go towards the final bill, but walk-ins are welcome (we do however have limited seating so we suggest a reservation). 

At The BreakUup Bar, you can leave a “special note” on the Wall of Broken Relationship while sipping on some of the specialty cocktails like "A Cold Day in Hell" which includes two types of sherry, rooibos, chamomile tea, lemon, and ginger. "Ghosted" which contains milk stout, sherry, bitters, and lavender foam, or "I Dealt With Your Parents For Years," a champagne bar with a selection of cocktails and punches. Plus any bottle of champagne can be sabered on the spot.

And it wouldn’t truly be an Anti-Valentine’s day celebration if chocolate weren’t involved! The menu consists of a healthy amount of cakes, dessert fondues, cookie towers, and pretty much every sweet you can think of. 

The BreakUp Bar is open on Tuesday through Thursday from 7 pm to 11 pm and Friday and Saturday from 7 pm to midnight, from February 1 to 14.

Cause misery loves company don’t forget to make reservations beforehand, unlike your best friend’s last-minute tool of a boyfriend! See ya at the bar!!! xoxo

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