The Hottest Diet In LA, Prison Food

The Hottest new diet In Los Angeles is prison food....well technically...prizon food.

That's right, the people in LA have spoken and they want their prizon food...and prizon booze at The Prizon Bar.

No, The Prizon Bar this isn't the place you wake up after a night of DUI, it's an ultimate party destination themed restaurant.

Prizon Bar in Koreatown is a new restaurant/bar that recreated an actual prison experience, complete with cells, chain-link fences, over the top murals, and handcuffs for those people who just couldn't' get enough of the real deal.

The interior is decorated with everything penitentiary related including cot-like tables, suspended handcuffs, metal fencing, blacklight murals, to an actual jail cell!

It’s enough to drive you to drink, so thankfully there are plenty of strong cocktails on the menu, along with Korean drinking food—and yes, it comes served on a metal tray, just like in prison!

Interestingly, this isn’t the first jail-themed eatery Los Angeles had. Back in 1925, the current El Cid on Sunset, then known as Jail CafĂ©, also had dining tables placed in faux jail cells and even went so far as to have waiters dressed as convicts.

So, whether you’re in the mood to revisit a dark time of your past, or if you are looking for a fun new place to take some silly selfies mugshots in, or maybe you are looking to be just like your favorite celebrity, Prizon Bar might be your new go to.

Themed restaurants like this are so popular in Tokyo, and it's nice to see them finally popping up in the city of make-believe.  That is why we ❤️it.  Go check it out...but remember, don't drink and drive cause it could land you in prison.  #Meta

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