Bella Thorne Has Opened Up Her Home To The Public

Bella Throne, the 21-year-old ex Disney actress, has opened her Sherman Oaks home to the masses.

Only in Hollywood does a young woman who is pretty famous open up her house to tourists wanting to see how the other half live...but Bella Thorne has done just that.

The Trippy Twins Fun House, owned by Bella Thorne is a totally tricked out and Instagram ready home that is open up to the public for a  guided tour.

For just $50 you can tour the house of celebrity Bella Thorne and take plenty of pics to gram.  Cause what's the point of doing anything in Hollywood if you can't snap and post it right?

The house is also available to rent for parties, photo shoots, or as a film location.

Bella’s house, which she co-owns with her sister Dani, has been featured on MTV Cribs and in Architectural Digest.

For a studio rental, prices start at $150 per hour. Photoshoots go up to $250 per hour while video shoots that last up to six hours long can cost $4,000. Catering packages are also civilized.

We hear the neighbors are furious with all this because not only did she paint the outside a hideous purple but the neighborhood is pretty much LA suburbia filled with children.  Hmm...wonder if they are gonna have to pay $50 to go in to yell at her for this.

I just hope my hippy actor neighbor doesn't get any ideas, but hey...gotta ❤️ the girl's ambition to pay her mortgage.  LA is EXPENSIVE.  Ok, Bella...I'd love a tour.  See ya soon.  xoxo

Bella Thorne Has Opened Up Her Home To The Public Bella Thorne Has Opened Up Her Home To The Public Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on February 14, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. well that is piper rockelle house now lol

    1. ikr i'm trying to find the address

    2. I already found it I did a lot of research but I’m flying out to go soon

  2. were is the adress because i want to see her.

  3. That was Piper Rockelle house you Sill piper house not yours sorry

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