Hollywood In New York City

Get ready people of NYC, Hollywood has come to town at Dolby Soho.

Dolby SoHo is an experiential space where science meets art and technology meets imagination. This three-month pop up hosts film, television, gaming, music and sports events, in addition to interactive workshops.

Visitors are encouraged to walk through the various rooms to take in the sights and sounds and snap eye-catching Instagram posts. Social media is highly encouraged.

There is even immersive scenes from the year’s best films recreated at The Contenders where you will get to experience films like never before by letting you step into iconic scenes from your favorite films.

For more information click HERE. We love to experience "Hollywood" outside of Los Angeles, and that is why we ❤️this.  Might be worth a trip to the big apple, this event is only here through March.  
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