John James And Maxwell Caulfield Reunite in "Axcellerator"

Time To Axcellerate...

Axcellerator is a new feature film that reunites Dynasty co-stars with other iconic '80s superstars for a crazy fun-filled mad-capped sci-fi fantasy thrill ride.

When a young car thief /pizza delivery guy (Ryan Wesen) stumbles on the invention of the century (and the various government agencies that want to kill him), he and a sassy checkout clerk named Kate (Laura James) end up on the adventure of a lifetime. Axcellerator...

Laura James, who you might remember as the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 and who now appears as Molly Hicks on CBS's S.W.A.T, is joined on-screen by her real-life dad John James, the original Jeff Colby on ABC's Dynasty, who plays sadistic bastard Sy Devol.

"Working with my daughter Laura was a new experience for me. During the scenes, sometimes I would see bits of myself staring back at me," says John.

The intent of Axcellerator was to make a modern-day version of an '80s style movie, and they knew that required some iconic casting. Producer David Giancola didn't have to look too far outside the Dynasty universe.   

"The casting was tedious, we knew we wanted '80s centric, but who? Max was the first to pop into our heads so we gave him a call."  

Max, of course, is '80s icon and Grease 2 star, Maxwell Caulfield - Mr. "Cool Rider" himself who also played Jeff Colby's brother/cousin Miles Colby for two seasons on ABC's The Colbys and a bit on Dynasty where they both pined for the love of their other cousin, Fallon Carrington. Ahh..don't ya just MISS the melodrama?

"How much more '80s can you get than Jeff Colby and Miles Colby? The first time we worked together in nearly 30 years, it was as if we were back on the set of Dynasty and The Colby’s," says James.

Max and John still have that grueling machismo on-screen chemistry that makes you wonder why Dynasty ever ended in the first place. Who can ever forget their ruff and tumble fight scene on the Malibu cliffside which ended when Miles threw Jeff off the side of a mountain?

"Max told me 'you're still as smooth as silk'" says John

Joining the Colby brothers is sci-fi icon, Sean Young, Blade Runner royalty, who not only steals the film with hilarious one-liners, but also gives the newcomers in the film a run for their money.

"The most difficult was the role of Brink. We went through a number of names and contacted their reps, but it just didn’t fit right. One night in David's office I looked up and hanging on the wall was a poster of Flash Gordon signed by Sam Jones. I said, 'there’s our Brink.'"

Sam J Jones as Brink is one of the funniest villains we have seen on screen in a very long time.  It makes his role in Ted look like child's play.

Rounding out the cast is Ryan Wesen who stars as Dane, who along with Laura will someday, after a long and fruitful career, look back at Axcellerator as THE movie that started it all.  They are both THAT GOOD.

With a wink and a smile to iconic '80s movies, a great cast and a fun script, Axcellerator is a wonderful escape needed in a world where fantasy seems way too real.  Check it out soon. To see the trailer, click HERE.

We are glad to see our Dynasty men still got it. Axcellerator...we ❤️ya.

John James And Maxwell Caulfield Reunite in "Axcellerator" John James And Maxwell Caulfield Reunite in "Axcellerator" Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on February 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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