Mario Kart Racing Is Real

Hey Mario loving fans, you must check out the real-life Mario Kart Racing here in Los Angeles.

You might have played the video game, but have you ever played the real life version of it?   Screw VR, we present, Mushroom Rally, a REAL-LIFE Mario Bros. go-cart game wher you can finally have a chance to become part of the game and race against your favorite characters while collecting stars to win amazing prizes.

Mushroom Rally will be hosting 16 heats in 16 cities across the United States starting in Los Angeles in March 2019 with a final taking place inLas Vegas later in the year featuring all the finalist from each city.

This unique experience combines your favorite characters, friends and new friends for a driving experience that will take you back in time. You will feel like you stepped into the video game.

If actually racing around the track was not enought, if you have the fastest lap time, collecting the most stars, or by luckily winning a lottery you get a chance to compete against other winners in Las Vegas. How amazing is THAT?

Tickets are $55 dollars a person and reservations are extremely limited; so hurry up and grab your red hat, mustache, and overalls and prepare yourself to tear up the tracks with gamers and racers alike!
Suprised it has taken someone so long to think of something this obviously amazing. Mushroom Rally...we ❤️ya.
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