Eggs Mark The Spot

In a town where we make nobodies into somebodies, comes a museum that is turning EGGS into works of art. Introducing The Egg House, a widely loved egg-themed pop-up experience now open on Melrose Ave.

Egg House is an interactive pop-up experience that features 12 egg themed scenes that egg loving people can take eggstraordinary Instagram photos in. Can't make this stuff up people....

Egg House is no joke, a big hit in both their New York and Shanghai locations, this pop-up is deemed as one of the early trendsetters for the new pop-up museum phenomenon. The New York location alone gained 60,000 visits in merely three months, with over 1,000 visits per day on some weekends.

Biubiu Xu, the founder of Egg House, is planning on sending the egg to more egg-ventures soon to share the joy and universal love of eggs, but right now Hollywood is home.

“Compared to the New York and Shanghai location, which only featured indoor imaginary spaces, The LA stop showcases outdoor attractions for the first time, which we are very excited about because of the infinite possibilities brought by the dream of the worldwide journey.”

Tickets include admission, complimentary egg-shaped snacks, and interactive temporary tattoo and the gift shop will offer various “eggcessories” for purchase, such as jewelry, tote bags, whisk, etc. To purchase, click HERE.

Apparently, a visit to Egg House is an eggcellent way to spend theday, so grab an egg salad sandwich and head on down to Melrose.  I'm sure it's worth it just for the pics alone...and that is why we ❤️it.
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