Hooked On Hollywood

When we saw that there was a new book called Hooked On Hollywood...well we were HOOKED.

Hooked On Hollywood, Discoveries From A Lifetime Of Film Fandom is a new book by 
Leonard Maltin, who is best-known as a film historian, film reviewer, and television personality.  But it's his work as an author, his books have sold more than 7 million copies, that might leave the most lasting impression.

Maltin, who started collecting old photos and writing about film stars in the fifth grade, spent  30 years reviewing film for Entertainment Tonight and two decades teaching at USC, has written some incredible books in the past, including the widely-used reference work Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide and its companion volume Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide, now in its third edition.

In his latest book, Hooked on Hollywood, Leonard opens up his personal archive to take readers on a fascinating journey through film history. Included are some of his early interviews with film greats conducted by him as a teenager, and later, more in-depth interviews conducted with filmmakers and stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era—interviews that have never been published in book form. 

Also included in Hooked on Hollywood are featurettes—articles written by Leonard for his Movie Crazy newsletter about great films like Casablanca and the people who made them. What emerges is a fascinating, often hilarious journey through the soundstages and remote

Inside Hooked on Hollywood, Get the scoop on:
What was it like to work for Cecil B. DeMille and Jack L. Warner?
How did Errol Flynn stash liquor on location in the mountains of New Mexico?
Where was the spot called “Panic Peak” and why were Westerns made there?”
Who were Hollywood’s good guys and gals, and who were the cads?
How did being a catcher on a baseball team land one man an MGM front-office job?

Leonard Maltin finds the answers to these questions and hundreds more in Hooked on Hollywood: 
Discoveries from a Lifetime of Film Fandom...and as someone who ❤️Hollywood, we ❤️this.  This is a perfect Spring book to read so go pick up a copy, you will be glad ya did.  

Hooked On Hollywood Hooked On Hollywood Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on March 18, 2019 Rating: 5


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