Saturday Night Live...Behind The Scenes

Have you ever wondered how the cast of Saturday Night Live gets ready for those super funny sketches? Well, wonder no more.  Some new videos pull back the curtain on the beloved show and give us a behind-the-scenes reveal on how they make the magic happen...LIVE.

Saturday Night Live is a machine.  Week after week, year after year, the talented cast and crew turn out some of the best comedy sketches on tv...and they make it look effortless.  Now, some new behind the scenes videos show us all how they do it.

First up, head makeup designer Louie Zakarian, and his crew, share how they transform comedians into our favorite political figures so the actors can bring those memorable roles to life:

Let's not forget the hair. In the next video, we meet Jodi Mancuso who along with Louie Zakarian transformed Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon into Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the 2016 election:

And then there are the costumes...Saturday Night Live's wardrobe team - Dale Richards, Tom Broecker, Eric Justian and Donna Richards - reveals the magic behind the show's numerous costumes and impossible quick changes:

What about the cue cards?  Saturday Night Live's cue card supervisor, Wally Feresten, gives a behind-the-scenes look at an integral and iconic part of the show's production:

We ❤️videos like this that really showcase what certain crew members do on a tv series.  So much goes into making a show, and it's always improtant to remember that.  I bet you may never look at SNL the same way again. xoxoox
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