A New Bravolebrity Is Coming For Vanderpump In West Hollywood.

Jessica Biel is out, and a new celebrity is on her way to fill the void at 9010 Melrose Ave.

9010 Melrose Ave West Hollywood is about to get a new star business owner filling the void left at Jessica Biel’s former Au Fudge location on trendy Melrose Avenue in WeHo...but this time it might be stiff competition for Lisa Vanderpump.

Bravolebrity and Ladies Of London star Marissa Hermer and her husband Matt are taking ownership of the old Au Fudge space which is conveniently located just blocks away from celebrity hot spot Craig’s and just one block away from Vanderpump's SUR and a few blocks from Lisa's other place PUMP.  Is someone looking to compete with the Queen of West Hollywood?

The Hermers are successful restaurant and bar owners on their own with locations in London, Barcelona, Istanbul and they most recently opened Draycott in Pacific Palisades (the city not the Aaron Spelling TV series.)  So maybe there will be no competition after all. But 9010 Melrose Ave is a spot that does not house restaurants long-term.

Biel's place, Au Fudge was not here for the long haul, and the actress had stated in the past that it wasn’t making any money, and a subsequent lawsuit filed by employees over $40,000 in missing tips were a recipe for disaster.

Ok, but one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch now does it?  For many many years it was Café Figaro which first opened its doors in 1969 and who apparently had Bill Cosby as one of the initial investors. Who can forget their newspaper menus or that scene in Jerry McGuire that was shot there?

But with 28 years in business behind them, Café Figaro closed down in 1997 which was a very sad day. Café Figaro was a staple for us..and the longest tenant this place will see for a while.  

Next, Joan Collins' stepson Robert Kass took over the place gutting the interior and transforming the dark, dingy restaurant into a Mediterranean oasis called Kass Bah.  

Monday nights at Kass Bah were a blast, and it felt like everyone in Los Angeles was there. Unfortunately, the good times did not last and by the summer of 2001, the Kass Bah went kaput.  

Following that closure, the property went through numerous iterations. For a short time, it was a Parisian restaurant called Parisian Room before reappearing as a Mexican establishment called Santo Coyote, then becoming an Italian oasis destination called Murano.

Murano was always packed and the food was delicious, and it was surprising to see that place fold.

It was after Murano when The Artichoke’s Heart moved in...then out.

And after another remodel Smoke Steakhouse came and went.

It seems 9010 Melrose Ave has more credits than most actors in this town do.  For more history on the space check out this great article HERE.  

Sad to see Jessica Biel leave the hood, but we can't wait to see what a "Lady From London" does to the space. Wanna take bets on how long her incarnation will last?  Good Luck.  We hope you last as long as Café Figaro did and give Lisa Vanderpump some friendly competition. See ya at the opening. We ❤️ya. xoxo
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