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Do you like to play games?  Well, now there is a new app that lets you play the ultimate Hollywood game that lets you star in your favorite movies and TV shows.

Do you have what it takes to work for Lisa Vanderpump?  Are you obsessed with The Breakfast Club or Saved By The Bell?  Well now is your chance to be part of pop culture in SeriesYour Story Universe.

Series Your Story Universe is a new mobile game where players are given the opportunity to star along with their favorite TV and movie characters.

Here you are plopped you into the center of pop culture, create your own avatar, and make some tough different choices which determine the outcome of your favorite movies and TV shows like Saved By the Bell, Vanderpump Rules, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Xena: Warrior Princess and more!

For instance, in The Breakfast Club episodes, you may end up in detention, with Claire, Andrew, and Bender…but the story doesn’t end there, and it may not go exactly the way you’re expecting! What happens on Monday when you all go back to school together? Will you still be friends, and maybe more?

In the Vanderpump Rules game, you become part of the staff and hopefully last longer than James Kennedy did in real life...but maybe not as long as "puppy gate."

So whether you’re a fan of lighthearted romance and friendship stories, gritty police procedurals, fantasy adventure, or the hottest reality TV drama… Series Your Story Universe has something for everyone to get hooked on.

Maybe you just might end up with Jake Ryan after all.

We ❤️any game that lets us go inside the world of some of our favorite tv and movies. One request: CLASSIC DYNASTY. PLEASE. Can't wait to play.  xoxo
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  1. I like the breakfast club the five teens are in the detention the brain the jock the basket case the princess and the criminal.

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