Not Your Dad's Playboy Club

There is a new Playboy Club here in Los Angeles that celebrates sexual freedom, artistic expression, and pleasure...but it's a bit different than the one from 1965 when the Los Angeles club first opened on the Sunset Strip.
The Playboy Playhouse is a new space for a new generation. Here, instead of sitting inside a smokey room filled with women in bunny costumes, the public is transported inside the magazine through the work of emerging and iconic artists, musicians and writers and partake in a series of stimulating events and conversations.

When the Playboy Clubs began, in an age when television assigned married couples to twin beds, the clubs held the promise of a titillating evening on the town, of turning a man into a rakish bon vivant for the evening. Now Playboy has curated a dynamic space that examines equality, freedom of speech, gender and sexuality, expanding upon the conversations explored in their latest issues.

The times have sure changed, but the Playboy experience lives on. This event, a pop up, will include music curated by Geffen Records, a performance by Jacob Banks, DJ sets by Samantha Ronson and Jason Bentley, thought-provoking conversations featuring Roxane Gay, Lina Esco, and Erica Jong, plus open gallery space and interactive sessions to satisfy all your senses.

The unique space, the pop-up shop, and all of its activities will be open to the public from Friday, May 10 to Sunday, May 12 from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. And unlike the original Playboy Clubs, all you need for entry is to sign up for a gallery visit or to reserve your spot for any of the featured events HERE.

Check out this new Playboy experience, you might ❤️it just as much as the classic ones of yesterday.   Meet ya at the PlayHouse. XOXO

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