Step Into The Land Of OZ....

Attention all fans of The Wizard Of OZ...presenting Enter OZ, an immersive museum experience that puts you in the middle of your favorite story.

Have you heard about Enchanted?  The Wizard Of OZ museum experience??

By day it’s a museum exhibit based on the book “The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz.” But at night, the museum becomes enchanted, as the pictures on the wall magically come to life and characters climb out of their paintings to recreate the story of Oz in an immersive 360° projection show.

Here you can stand in the middle of the Kansas tornado, enter the gates of the sparkling Emerald City, and marvel at a 30’ tall Wizard Of Oz.

And if that wasn't enough, guests are encouraged to be part of the show by using their phones as a magic portal to interact with the story, play interactive games to help Dorothy find her friends, glow along with a Munchkin dance party, and even use your water bucket to defeat the evil witch.

This sounds like the perfect way to spend the day, inside The Wizard Of OZ.  The attraction opens June 13, so be sure to purchase tickets HERE.

You know we ❤️ any experience that puts us inside our favorite of course we ❤️this.  See ya in OZ.
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